The House That Jay Built

You know things are getting real when ES closes below its 50-day moving average.  It has bounced at that support 9 times in the past year. When the 50-DMA fails, the 100-DMA has provided support 6 times since Jun 2020.

With ES closing below its 50-DMA yesterday and likely to reach its 100-DMA today, is it finally time for a test of the 200-DMA?

The stakes are high, as VIX pulled back after reaching important resistance at our 32.50 target yesterday.

Meanwhile…inflation, the Fed policy choice that pundits are mistakenly calling a “mistake.” Sure, it delivered a body blow to the have-nots, but It provided record high stock and real estate prices to the rest of us.

November CPI is due out next Friday, and we are still looking for it to mark a turning point in this cycle. WTI is off 23% from its highs – technically a bear market.  And agricultural commodities have backed off their breakout and are eyeing a potential breakdown.

Our assumption remains that CPI will be back below 3% by the time the taper is complete. Sorry savers, but there probably won’t be any need to raise rates any time soon, if ever.

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