COVID-19: What to Expect

Updates are in reverse order, meaning the latest update is just below. UPDATE: October 20, 2020 Herd Immunity: Doing the Math In June, we observed that the US had embarked on a herd immunity approach to dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. With little public discussion or debate, the US has embarked on a herd immunity … continue reading →

TSLA: To Infinity and Beyond?

Few stocks exemplify the current excesses of the stock market better than TSLA. In our last posted update on Jan 30 [see: TSLA on Autopilot?] we noted that it was approaching the top of a channel and a potential Fibonacci reversal point at 653.26 [131.15 post-split.]  We noted at the time: If it reverses here, … continue reading →

Charts I’m Watching: Nov 18, 2020

Today’s levitation is brought to you by VIX which, by plunging below its Fibonacci .886 retracement at 22.66, has once again convinced the algos that it’s a wonderful time to buy stocks. Of course, that was in the low-volume pre-market. Carbon-based investors trading in the regular session don’t always agree.Meanwhile, the financial press (and the … continue reading →

Update on XLF: Nov 17, 2020

After being stuck in a textbook triangle pattern for almost six months, XLF finally broke out last week. We noted its having reached overhead resistance a few weeks ago [see: Yield Curve Model – Correction Imminent.] At the time, the 2s10s was threatening a breakout which, per our model, suggested a downturn for equities in … continue reading →

Update on Bitcoin: Nov 17, 2020

Almost 8 months ago I posted our first outlook on BTC [see: FOMC Embraces MMT.]   We noted at the time that the FOMC was “officially in the short-squeeze business” after ES came within 19 points (trading was halted there) of our 2155 target and the Dow was set to test the Nov 8, 2016 (election … continue reading →