Crunch Time

December 24 was a pivotal day. As we noted at the time, most of our downside targets, some from several months prior, were tagged [see: Throwing the Game.] ES reached our H&S target.  So far, it has bounced 13.3%.Oil reached our 43.50 target and has bounced 25.8%.RBOB reached our 1.2603 target and has bounced 16.2%.AAPL … continue reading →

Three Fed Chiefs Walk Into a Bar…

…and, the market soars!  Just because. There’s another old economics joke: Q: How many central bankers does it take to change a light bulb? A: None.  It’s getting brighter, see?  It’s definitely getting brighter! The brain trust which has overseen the Fed since 2006 assembles today at the American Economic Association’s annual meeting. We’ve all … continue reading →