Update on Gold: Apr 8, 2020

In our last formal update on gold in January [see: Jan 2 Update on Gold] with GC trading at 1529, I noted that although DXY had held up well, gold should benefit from loose Fed policy – but could see a backtest of its SMA200 based on the oil/gas meltdown we expected. I am partial, … continue reading →

Update on Oil: Apr 6, 2020

Many seasoned investors are surprised to see how positively correlated stock returns have been to oil prices. Energy stocks make up 8% of the overall market, so you’d expect them to have some influence. But, thanks to the increasing prominence of algorithms and quantitative trading, the impact has grown well beyond what 8% should contribute … continue reading →

No Joy

“No Joy” is an expression pilots use when they’re unable to see another plane, typically when they’re on a potential collision course. If you can’t spot it, you just might hit it. Like seeing a hilltop or radio tower dead ahead through clearing clouds, it can be fairly nerve-wracking. Given that today’s jobless claims were … continue reading →