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The World May Have a Bigger Problem Than a Potential Recession

Moody’s Cuts Global Sovereign Rating Outlook to “Negative” for 2020

Morgan Stanley: We’re Already in a Recession

Social Security’s Shortfall – Big Cuts Could Follow

What’s Driving So Many Honduran Women to the US Border?

Trump on Trade Negotiations: No Need to Rush

Morgan Stanley Strategist: Recession Bells are Ringing

Consumer Prices Trail Estimates, Testing Powell’s View

Kashkari: Worker Bargaining Power Should Inform Fed’s Stance

Supreme Court Allows Antitrust Lawsuit Against Apple to Proceed

Trump’s Trade War: Here’s Who is Really Getting Pinched

Workarounds Galore: How Real Americans Deal With Real Inflation

Klarman Issues Dire Warning on Global Economy

El-Erian: Four Factors That Determine Fed’s Next Steps

Dudley: Stop Worrying About the Fed’s Balance Sheet

Tudor Jones Sees Peril in Corporate Debt Bubble

Dalio Says US Two Years from Downturn

Average American Household: $440 Increased Gas Expense Far Exceeds Tax Cuts

The Only Stock Buyers in the First Half Were Buybacks

SEC Blasts Insiders for Quietly Selling into Stock Buybacks

A US Recession Indicator Flashes Red

How a $139 Billion Fund is Trading the Trade War

Japanese Stocks: The Biggest Market Whale Can’t Buy Any More

The State of the US Economy in 11 Charts

Just 10 Stocks Accounted for More Than 100% of S&P’s First Half Gain

Geopolitical Tensions Ahead of OPEC Meeting

Bill Dudley Admits Why the Fed Got it Wrong

Is the US in a Depression? (Ask John Williams)

Bernanke: US Economy Faces Wile E. Coyote Moment

Bridgewater: We Are Bearish On Almost All Financial Assets

A Journey Through a Land of Extreme Poverty: Welcome to America

Active-Passive Debate: The Public Policy Angle

CBO: Budget and Economic Outlook

The World’s Priciest Stock Market

Why We’re Underestimating American Collapse

Quantitative Invesing: A Crisis Waiting to Happen

How to Lose $3 million in 1 Second

Deutsche Bank Trader Admits To Rigging Precious Metals Markets

John Bogle’s Warning for Index Fund Investors

Bernanke Terrifies Stock Investors Again

WSJ: Are Traders Creating a Bizarre New Feedback Loop?

Rajan: The Fundamental Problems of the Financial Crisis Are Still with Us

Fed’s Kaplan Warns Trump: “US too leveraged to use debt for growth”

Is the Fed Paying Banks Not to Lend?

Mikhail Gorbachev: It Looks as if the World is Preparing for War

Visualizing the World’s Largest Cities Throughout History

Something Wicked This Way Comes

The Fourth Turning: Where We Are Today

Hellish Choices: What’s an Asset Owner to Do?

Goldman’s Bear Case in 7 Steps

George Soros: Open Society Needs Defending

$356 Billion Fund Manager: “Now Is The Most Treacherous Time Ever. I’ve Never Seen This In My Career.”

Trading Secrets: Twilight of the Central Bankers

Ed Butowsky: Calculating the True Cost of Living Increase & Why It’s Much Higher Than We’re Told

The Inevitable Failure of the US Power Grid

Japan’s QQE Not Working

Jim Bullard to Wall Street — just kidding about the taper! (video)

Jim Grant on the Financial Crisis and the Fed (video, Grant starts at 10:00)

Making Money While the World Burns

Waging Wars Foolishly is Worse than Starting Them Unnecessarily

The Flash Crash (Money & Speed: Video)

Adventures in the Carry Trade

Kyle Bass on Japan’s Bleak Future

Nouriel Roubini on the Trouble with Emerging Markets