about pebblewriter

I left Wall Street in August 2001 (95th flr of Two World Trade Center…timing is everything.)

I began my career twenty-two years earlier in management with a bulge bracket firm, eventually moving into sales and trading. I spent several years in corporate finance, and the last six years in institutional asset management – working with large corporate, government and non-profit investors.  I hold undergraduate degrees in Math and Economics, an MBA and am a CFA charterholder.

In addition to trading, I am an angel investor, consultant and partner in a film production company.  I live on the central California coast with my wife, two daughters and three cats (who have inexplicably compiled an excellent investment track record in their random dashes across my computer keyboard.)  In my spare time, I coach basketball and enjoy travel, sailing and aviation.

I am one of only two people I know who has survived two lightning strikes in one day — which makes me either incredibly lucky or a marked man, depending on your point of view.  As far as I’m concerned, every day above ground is a blessing.