Charts I’m Watching: Nov 5, 2021

The 531K payrolls beat and Pfizer COVID-19 pill could influence the taper schedule. The 4.9% increase in wages should.

Energy and food prices might well fall over the coming months. But, wages are sticky. Whether due to contracts, minimum wage rules, or just market forces, they are very difficult to reduce. While it’s true that workers need higher wages in order to keep up with spiraling cost inflation, this is undoubtedly more fuel for the non-transitory inflationary fires.

Futures are up sharply on the news, which has the factors wondering what to do at ES 4700. Having delivered stocks (with a few trillion in help from the Fed) to all-time highs despite lackluster and occasionally bad news, what should they do with really good news that might speed up the taper?

Stay tuned.

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