Oh So Close…

The S&P 500 came within 11 cents of 5,000 yesterday, marking a remarkable 43% run since the October 2022 lows and 22% return since the October 2023 lows. The month of February has a mixed track record over the past 10 years, with gains and losses evenly split. Stocks frequently pause at big, round numbers … continue reading →

A Look Ahead at 2024

To quote the great Yogi Berra, “it’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” But, there are a number of important themes that should drive markets in 2024. The elephants in the forecasting room are the so-called Magnificent Seven (AAPL, GOOGL, MSFT, AMZN, META, TSLA and NVDA) which soared 105% in 2023 versus the … continue reading →

FOMC Day: May 3, 2023

Futures are essentially flat ahead of today’s pivotal FOMC decision and press conference.  This follows a day that saw stock prices plunge below our initial backtest target……as VIX actually broke out – at least for a few hours. The banking crisis obviously hasn’t gone away. How many more First Republics or Silicon Valley banks are … continue reading →


How bad will it get? That’s the question slamming markets this morning as Credit Suisse is again in the headlines for all the wrong reasons: The Saudi National Bank has cut them off from further financial assistance. The CDS have soared and the stock is getting ever closer to zero. Futures were essentially flat after … continue reading →

The Big Picture: Feb 27, 2023

Last week completed the backtests we’d been expecting, with ES, SPX, COMP, DJIA and NKD all holding important technical support.While the fundamental picture might not justify these prices, the algos are satisfied. And, until price discovery reemerges (if it does), the algos are all that matter. continued for members… … continue reading →

Charts I’m Watching: Feb 24, 2023

Futures have dropped back through the 50-day moving average, putting the 200-day back in focus after yesterday’s near miss. We’re essentially in the same situation as yesterday except that we’re jumping off from a much lower level. continued for members… … continue reading →

Fed Whispering

The FOMC’s meeting gets underway today. Like most, this one seems very consequential. The Street is divided on whether or not the Fed has done enough to combat inflation as well as the necessity of a recession. continued for members… … continue reading →

Bulls: Throwing in the Towel?

As expected, Powell and Co. were not amused by the market’s recent exuberance and decided to take things down a notch. The algos haven’t yet given up, though, with VIX still under pressure and DXY remaining oversold.The reversal is working just fine so far. But, with OPEX tomorrow and two weeks left in the year, … continue reading →

Japan’s Runaway Inflation

Japan’s inflation hit a 40-year high in October, driven by a policy of placing stock market gains above all else. When Japan first adopted negative interest rates, the argument was that it would help end the country’s deflationary spiral and return inflation to a 2% goal. Now that inflation is nearly twice as high as … continue reading →