Crisis Averted

Based on how the market is reacting, inflation is no longer a concern. The Fed will pivot and easy money will be back in no time. Except, as we’ve been discussing, this is one of those weeks which almost always overreacts to the upside: FOMC meeting, OPEX, end of year, etc.

As noted yesterday, the dreaded bearish signals such as a simple 10/20 cross have been averted – at least for now – and the algos are throwing a party.

Yesterday’s gap higher in VIX (in conjunction with a 1.4% rally in stocks) was indeed a massive head fake in light of this morning’s 13% smackdown.  Talk about closing a gap…From where I sit, however, the Fed’s job just got tougher. While monthly CPI came in slightly lighter than expected, we still have problematic wage and rent inflation, and financial conditions are getting looser, not tighter.Remember Jackson Hole?  Maybe it’s VIX’s 13% plunge which is the headfake…

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