CPI: Out of Control

CPI soared to 6.24% YoY in October, well above the 5.9% expected and the highest since Nov 1990. The MoM print of 0.9% and the Core CPI print of 4.2% also came in hotter than expected and set multiyear records. Put simply, the Fed has lost control.As we’ve discussed, inflation continues to become more broad-based than the oil/gas-driven effect initially seen earlier this year.

The chart below shows the divergence from May-September and illustrates the importance of oil/gas prices to future inflation prints. If gas prices were to level off at today’s levels, the direct effect on CPI would cease in November. However, even if the base effect were to roll off, the other categories are now equally problematic. Futures are off 20 points on the news, with several key factors indicating more to come.

Today marks the point at which the Fed officially stops cheering on the reflation trade.

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