A Turning Point

Per our analog, today is the next significant turning point – important in terms of confirming the direction and distance of the market’s next move. It has done an excellent job of forecasting the reversals, rallies and drops since we first posted it on May 13 [see: Analog Watch.] The first time I came across one of these, it worked out spectacularly. I started noticing in May 2011 that the turning points and rallies/declines which had been occurring at that time very closely matched those of the 2007 top.

Just after Day 32 in late June [see: Deja Vu All Over Again] I began laying the entire roadmap which would presumably end with a very sharp drop of around 20% by Day 70. As it turned out, the S&P 500 plunged 19.6% by Day 69. Details are available HERE.

The current analog is different in terms of how quickly things will play out. If it plays out, however, the market is in for much greater losses in the months ahead.

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