Update on Bitcoin: Nov 17, 2020

Almost 8 months ago I posted our first outlook on BTC [see: FOMC Embraces MMT.]   We noted at the time that the FOMC was “officially in the short-squeeze business” after ES came within 19 points (trading was halted there) of our 2155 target and the Dow was set to test the Nov 8, 2016 (election day) lows.

This was the perfect time to assess what unleashing massive amounts of liquidity might do to crypto.  We noted at the time that BTC should bounce from its triangle bottom (on the arithmetic chart) and return to test the top trend line at around 9,925. We also noted that BTC had rebounded back above a TL on its log chart – an encouraging sign that supported the fundamental outlook. We left off with the note:

If you believe that BTC will necessarily rise (as gold will) as QE explodes, the charts support a continuing bounce. If you believe the FOMC will do whatever it takes to support the USD and crush surrogates such as BTC and GC, then keep an eye on that TL (5,000ish) as a fairly clear stop level.

As it turned out, BTC did return to the triangle top where, as we noted in our May 28 Update on Bitcoin that it had an important decision to make. Having reached 10,074, it had held an important trend line on its arith chart…

…but had failed to break out above a fan line on its log chart.Our outlook at this point was that price action should determine the next move.

Is BTC a buy here on a potential breakout? Maybe. But, given the fact that it’s barely off its April highs, cautious types might want to wait for an actual breakout. If it occurs, there would be a small opportunity loss from not getting in here.  But better to give up a few percent than lock in a trade with a lot more downside.

The alternative for more nimble types: go long but watch that rising TL from Mar 16 on the arith chart like a hawk. If BTC drops below it, run for the hills.

It took over three weeks, but BTC eventually broke out and, in the process, completed an IH&S pattern we’ve been watching and, just this morning, tagged the pattern’s 17,150 target well ahead of our target date in mid-December.After exploding 2.65X since Mar 23, what’s next?

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