Update on Bitcoin: May 28, 2020

I’ve only posted about BTC once before, back on Mar 23 in response to a member request [see: FOMC Embraces MMT.]  The Dow was about to test its 2016 election day lows and, not coincidentally, the Fed had just unleashed QEinfinity.

The post went as follows:

Two major chart patterns jump out at me: first, the obvious triangle pattern on the weekly arithmetic chart (it isn’t there on the log chart) suggests BTC should bounce from here and return to the top trend line (which failed, BTW, to hold a recent tiny breakout.) It currently stands around 9,925.Second, the daily log chart shows a TL was broken last week but BTC has since rebounded back above it. For those wondering, the retracement of the rise from the Dec 2018 lows to the Jun 2019 highs reached about 81%. Had the TL held, we’d be looking at a Fibonacci 78%.

If you believe that BTC will necessarily rise (as gold will) as QE explodes, the charts support a continuing bounce. If you believe the FOMC will do whatever it takes to support the USD and crush surrogates such as BTC and GC, then keep an eye on that TL (5,000ish) as a fairly clear stop level.

Having spent a few hours studying Bitcoin, I promptly forgot about it.  I don’t really follow it, and believe it’s at least as heavily manipulated as everything else. Probably more. But, thanks to member John K., I was encouraged to take another look.

As it turned out, BTC did continue its bounce and went on to test the top trend line, reaching 9917.25 on May 8.  It was an impressive 100% move from the March lows.

Of course, now it’s back at overhead resistance – the same trend line from December 2017 which halted the 2017 and 2019 rallies.We’ll take a look at the potential for a reversal or a breakout.

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