Update on DJIA: Mar 18, 2020

In our last dedicated update on the Dow [see: July 2019 Update], we noted the intersection of a number of overhead resistance features in its chart and offered some thoughts on its downside potential if it managed to reverse.

Note that our 18974 target represents a backtest of the red channel from which DJIA broke out and backtested between 2014-2016 as well as the white 1.618. A May 2020 bottom at 18974ish would align nicely with the SPX 2138 target indicated by our analog.

I posted my charts on July 29 (the yellow arrow) and was roundly cheered when he Dow cratered 7% over the next two weeks, even closing below its 200-DMA……and was loudly jeered when it made that up and went on to new all-time highs. I’ve seen this sort of thing so often from the Dow that I was pretty hot under the collar. I’m pretty sure an older (yes, there are a few) wiser colleague took me aside and muttered “Forget it, Pebble, it’s the Dow.”

So, I did. You see, when it comes to manipulation the Dow is the all-time champ: share price weighted, with the ability to kick out losers and slide in winners whenever you like? How is this even an index?

When the market reversed on cue in mid-February [see: A New Day, Same Old Nonsense]  I don’t think I even checked to see where the Dow was (the blue arrow below.) I’ll admit I got curious when it closed below its 200-DMA on Feb 25. But, I didn’t inhale. I stayed focused on real indices, cratering oil prices and the bond market.Well…guess where it landed today?  Go ahead.  I’ll wait.

You guessed it. Right where our July 2019 forecast said: the bottom of the falling red channel where it intersected with the top of the rising red channel and the 1.618 Fib extension at 18974. It’s a 33% drop from stem to stern. You can’t make this stuff up.

Knowing we have a global pandemic on our hands and a minimum of a quarter of negative GDP ahead of us, surely it’ll keep going, right?  I mean, did you hear Bill Ackman today?  Hell is coming!  So, the Dow is positioned for a bounce.  That’s right.  IF oil and gas can continue bouncing, and IF USDJPY can pop up through its SMA200 and IF VIX breaks down and IF the 2s10s craters back below 48 bps, then DJIA will definitely probably bounce.  At least a little.

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