Another Yield Curve Warning for Stocks

Two steps forward…in order to accommodate a big step back.

We’ve seen it countless times in the lead-up to Fed meetings, GDP reports and, lately, jobs data. With May unemployment expected to top 20% (it’s unofficially already there) after another 7.5 million joined the jobless ranks……the market’s caretakers put a 58-pt cushion into the market.  ES’ 10-day moving average, for instance, is about 87 points below last night’s highs. Had ES instead fallen 87 points from yesterday’s lows, it would mean a risky test of its 200-DMA.

It’s gratifying to see scores of analysts come to the realization that the markets are being heavily influenced (a more accurate word is manipulated) by massive Fed stimulus. But, as members know, this has been going on for years – particularly as stocks reach key levels of overhead resistance.

With the Dow finally joining SPX in reaching its 200-DMA on Wednesday and several key components (e.g. AAPL) taking great pains not to break out to new highs, it seemed as though we might get at least a pause in the meltup, maybe even a correction.

Our yield curve model confirmed it yesterday with the 2s10s breaking out above all recent highs except that seen in late March.Now, we’ll have to wait and see whether the algos, being directed this morning by USDJPY, VIX and CL, are intent on notching new highs or will, temporarily at least, reconcile with the real world.

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