Update on Gold: Apr 8, 2020

In our last formal update on gold in January [see: Jan 2 Update on Gold] with GC trading at 1529, I noted that although DXY had held up well, gold should benefit from loose Fed policy – but could see a backtest of its SMA200 based on the oil/gas meltdown we expected.

I am partial, though, to the Fed putting the damper on inflation in January (reported in Feb) and setting up a backtest of the SMA200 or even the neckline which would set up another leg up to 1710-1735 in Oct 2021 or Jan 2022. Note that this would tie in nicely with the idea of an oil/gas meltdown in 2023.

We certainly got all those things, but the timing was just a tad off.

Long time members will remember I’ve been writing about gold’s potential Inverted Head & Shoulders Pattern for years. This post from September 2017 comes to mind.

As I stated in that last update, I think TPTB will do whatever it takes to keep that giant IH&S targeting 1721 from playing out. The only thing I can see outweighing their efforts would be a true black swan event such as open warfare on the Korean Peninsula.

Sure enough, every time GC got close to that neckline (the dashed yellow line above), it was smacked down by as much as 18%. It has happened 9 times since July 2016.  It was nice for trading purposes, but frustrating to the many gold bugs out there.

While rising oil and gas prices were helpful to Aramco’s share offering in 2019, they disrupted the delicate balance between inflation and interest rates and sent a clear signal that it was finally time for GC to break out — which it finally did last June.

Since then, it’s been a matter of waiting for the rising price channel to reach our upside targets. It might have been a long wait if not for the coronavirus. We managed to avoid war with North Korea, but this smaller, deadlier enemy was plenty Black Swan enough for the Fed.

A few trillion in QE later, GC has reached our 1735 target — well ahead of schedule and after a very dramatic SMA200 backtest.

Is the run over, or is there more to come?

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