The Rally That VIX Built

As discussed yesterday, stocks spent the night building a cushion based on VIX (currently off 5.4%) in preparation for tomorrow’s FOMC announcement.  It started just before the close, yesterday, and has built to a 6-pt gain in the futures.Actually, it’s been less of a rally, lately, and more of an effort to maintain ES at levels above its IH&S Pattern target reached back on Jun1.  Remember the mantra “stay fully invested, because you never know when a sudden rally will appear out of nowhere and you can’t afford to miss it”?  These days, it’s the corrections that pass in a flash, like Friday’s 31-pt plunge which was reversed so quickly that it won’t even register on daily charts.

But, I digress.  Today’s action is all about putting more distance in between SPX and the Support Below Which it Must Not Go in the wake of the FOMC meeting.

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