Mission Accomplished

In another obvious show of how easily this market can be manipulated, ES’ final bearish Head & Shoulders Pattern was busted in the final five minutes of trading yesterday. This morning, SPX’s H&S Pattern will also be busted with a burst higher in the wake of another disappointing jobs report.

And all it took was for the “Bad News is Good News” algo to pin futures to their ramp job highs until 9:31. The BN=GN algo, of course, has nothing to do with additional stimulus.

We already know $1.9 trillion is on the way to some who desperately need it and countless more who don’t. It also has nothing to do with additional QE. That’s an ongoing $120 billion per month, rain or shine.

No, it is about the usual tricks employed by central banks and their proxies: shorting VIX… …shorting bond futures……ramping WTI futures……and shorting the yen. They have all been employed over the past week just to make sure that any lingering bearish patterns were undeniably busted. Just another day in the “markets.”

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