Reproach and Retreat

The first big Republican victory — the repeal and replace of the ACA — has morphed into reproach and retreat.  The net impact: what does this failure portend for the rest of the Trump agenda and, thus, the Trump Rally?

Regular readers know that I’ve looked askance at this rally from the start [see: Why the “Trump Rally” is a Fraud.]  It was born of a sharp reversal in CL, USDJPY and VIX — the key algo drivers.  Momentum traders jumped on board as it rose.  And, somewhere along the way, mainstream investors convinced themselves that the new and improved outlook justified an 18% rally.

But, live by the algo, die by the algo.  The yen had to appreciate to compensate for higher oil prices.  Higher US and euroland inflation necessitated a drop in oil and gas.  And, front-running the Fed’s tepid response to spiking inflation was widespread.  With the Trump Rally narrative in doubt, there were simply too many plates to keep spinning.

Futures are off 22.50 at the moment, leaving us some clues as to what to expect for SPX.  But, the more important side of the equation is where do WTI and the USDJPY dip to?

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