Charts I’m Watching: Feb 22, 2013


UPDATE:  09:30 AM

SPX overshot our initial target by just a couple of points yesterday, reaching the channel 25% line at 1497.29 before getting the bounce I expected at 1499/1500.  Note that SPX completed a Bat Pattern down to the .886 in the process (larger white pattern.)

The .618 Fib of the decline from 1530 is up ahead at 1518.09 — also the 1.618 of the 1422-1266 decline last summer (1518.57.) It intersects with the channel midline either later today or early Monday.

Daily RSI reached the white midline as we expected, and is currently backtesting the purple midline. It’s still too early to say whether the new falling channel I sketched in yesterday is legit or not.

The dollar is backtesting the channel line it broke through Wednesday after completing a Butterfly Pattern (the small white grid) to the 1.272, but the 1.618 awaits at the confluence of the purple 1.272 and red .618 up around 82.1-82.2 after the backtest is complete (not yet, I think.)

The big question: what happens after the backtests are complete?

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