USDJPY Update: Apr 8, 2013

The largest channels are all pretty loose fits, with plenty of incursions that make forecasting with them iffy at best.

But, the smaller channels and Harmonic Patterns have been pretty effective.  Even though USDJPY has been running like a 燃える尾を持つ猫, there is growing risk of a downturn as it approaches 100.

Consider the new channel constructed by today’s high.  It lines up with the Oct 31, 2011 and Mar 14, 2012 highs.  It would carry more weight if there were more than one tag on the bottom, but we shouldn’t ignore the potential for a correction.

Given the tear the pair has been on lately, it would probably be motivated more by a weak US dollar than a strong yen.

The pair put in a decent correction at the red .786 (of the decline from 101.44 in Apr 09), hinting at a future Butterfly Pattern.  The 1.272 is at 108.47 and the 1.618 is at 117.43 — right next to the large purple .886 at 118.59.

There’s also a small Crab Pattern (white, above) completion at 99.26.  So, though I wouldn’t necessarily put money on it (the trend is your friend), it appears the pair might have hit at least interim resistance at today’s high.

A failure to reverse here will likely mean a trip to the purple .618 (at least) at 105.57.

But, that would mean barging back into the daily RSI channel (in green below) that broke down in mid-Feb and is undergoing its 2nd back test.  It’s certainly not impossible, but it would be easier after a pullback to reset RSI to lower levels.

Stay tuned.

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