It certainly looks like we’re almost there.

The eminis seem to be already there…

The EURUSD is clinging by its fingernails…

The dollar looks ready to rumble…

The USDJPY is making a bid for an IH&S, but has run smack dab into that yellow channel midline again…moment of truth for the yen…

This morning’s dip in SPX is appealing, but look how many times over the past several sessions the red channel midline (now around 1627.25) has come to its rescue…

A break below 1626.46 and it’s probably game-on.  But, we haven’t quite hit our 1635+ target.  I’m inclined to believe this is a fakeout to buy a little more time, shake out a few weak bulls before the final thrust.

UPDATE:  12:25 PM

SPX continues to bump along.  It recovered from the first plunge down to the red midline, and is back at it only 2 hours later.  This time, however, there’s a small Head & Shoulders Pattern at stake.  It would complete at 1627.33 and target around 1621.30.

Remember, we’ve seen more than a normal number of H&S Patterns not play out over the past couple of months.  So, odds are that this is another shakeout brought to you by your friendly neighborhood market makers.

As always, use stops — and update them frequently to keep them where you’re comfortable.

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