Update on COMP: Mar 20, 2018

Facebook is only 5.5% of the Nasdaq Composite (COMP), but yesterday’s plunge [see: Facebook Flops] was a good reminder to update our outlook.

In our last update [see: Nov 6, 2017 Update] we identified 7619.37 as our next upside target.

At this point, it’s pushing into the top quadrant of the rising white channel where it will soon reach the top of the rising purple channel — currently at 7260.

It probably won’t stop there, though, as the 1.618 and the rising white channel intersect at 7619.37 at the end of the year. It’s too convenient a target to ignore. And, I fully expect it to reach it unless we get a nasty surprise on the geopolitical front.

As it happened, COMP’s tag of 7619 was delayed by the February correction. It topped out last week and has since retreated 352 points — about 4.5%.  Since COMP reached its important 1.618 Fibonacci extension and the top of a well-formed channel, it’s fair to ask whether there’s more downside ahead.

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