TSLA Skids Into an Important Target

We started posting about TSLA a little over a year ago when it dipped below important horizontal support [see: Can Tesla Avoid a Crash?]

We’ve updated the charts multiple times since then, working to stay ahead of Musk’s obvious attempts to manipulate the stock.  The harmonic picture has been tricky due to the presence of two Point X’s which produces two different grids – the purple and the white.

TSLA dipped below the white .618 in March (and multiple times afterwards) bolstering the argument for the purple grid.  But at times it has appeared that the white grid aligned nicely with channel lines such as this chart from last September which officially triggered a short call at 289 [see: Crypto Carnage] which was reiterated at 291 on April 3 [See: Can TSLA Survive This Crash?] and targeted 202.29.

The Better Late Than Never Department has notified me that TSLA just crashed into 202.29, nearing the completion of this particular leg of its journey.

Given that OPEX is in the rear view mirror and the futures are about to break below support again, we have to wonder whether TSLA is done.continued for members


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