Anatomy of a Top: 2000

The 2000 top shows just how “messy” tops can be.  Here’s the finished picture in perfect hind-sight.  It’s a very crowded chart, but every single pattern had a say in how the top unfolded.

SPX had zoomed from 442 to 1478 in about 5 years, a not-too-shabby 234% gain for an annually compounded 27%.

Once SPX broke out of the falling purple channel, it had “permission” to pursue several harmonic patterns in the works.  SPX shot up 66 points in that one day — blowing through every Fib level between .618 and 1.000.

It finally came to rest at 1458, completing a Bat Pattern at the purple .886.  But, the small white 1.272 was just above at 1477, as was the rising purple channel midline and the 1.272 from a much larger pattern seen below.  An IH&S target waited at 1497 – tantalizingly close to a nice round number of 1500.  And, the all-time high of 1478 from two months earlier beckoned.

SPX got up to 1477.33 before reacting, falling to 1466 over the next two days.  Close, but not quite.  Someone watching closely might have noticed the Flag Pattern it constructed, targeting 1562.  Someone else probably pointed out the biggest Crab Pattern target of all — the 1.618 extension of the 13% correction from 1420 to 1233 from Jul-Oct 1999.

On Mar 21, 2000 SPX shot up through the channel midline, the cluster of Fibs around 1477 and, importantly, the 1478 high and raced up toward those higher targets.

On Mar 24, it reached 1552.87, which cleared the IH&S target at 1497, the purple 1.272 at 1519 and the last remaining Crab Pattern at 1535.  What ultimately stopped it?  The .75 line from the big purple channel dating back to Jul 1999 — almost to the penny.

Total move: 17% and 227 points in 20 sessions.  Can it happen again?  Stay tuned.

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