Bullard Speaks

In a CNBC interview this morning, Fed President Jim Bullard said “Our credibility is on the line here…”  Anyone paying any attention to the Fed knows that that ship sailed a long time ago. Futures have been all over the map, down as many as 55 points before VIX was hammered following a false news … continue reading →

CPI Reaches New 40-Yr High

January headline CPI reached 7.5%, a new 40-yr high, sending the 10Y up over 2% for the first time since August 2019 when CPI registered 1.75%. As has been the trend since November, oil/gas no longer leads the way. Inflation has become widespread, higher than the Fed’s so-called 2% target in every category except, ironically, … continue reading →

COMP Signals More Pain Ahead

A little over a week ago, COMP made a hard bounce off its 200-DMA, gapping much higher the following day. Yesterday, it plunged below its 200-DMA and closed there – not a good sign for the bulls. continued for members… … continue reading →

Inflation Coming Home to Roost

We’ve been writing about the current inflation problem for years.  In December 2019 for instance [see: Inflation Games], we noted that CPI was about to top 2% again and that this realization had prompted the Fed’s shift from a 2% target to a range in excess of 2% to make up for past shortfalls. Without … continue reading →

The House That Jay Built

You know things are getting real when ES closes below its 50-day moving average.  It has bounced at that support 9 times in the past year. When the 50-DMA fails, the 100-DMA has provided support 6 times since Jun 2020. With ES closing below its 50-DMA yesterday and likely to reach its 100-DMA today, is … continue reading →

CPI: Out of Control

CPI soared to 6.24% YoY in October, well above the 5.9% expected and the highest since Nov 1990. The MoM print of 0.9% and the Core CPI print of 4.2% also came in hotter than expected and set multiyear records. Put simply, the Fed has lost control.As we’ve discussed, inflation continues to become more broad-based … continue reading →

OPEC: Will They or Won’t They?

OPEC+ is expected to increase production by another 400,000 bpd in today’s meeting, another dagger in the heart of the stubborn oil/gas rally. Of course, at this juncture, CL can backtest its SMA200 without even making a lower low. So, perhaps a pullback will finally be allowed. Given how important rising oil/gas prices have been … continue reading →

Time to Sell Your Home?

I’ve recently discussed this very issue with several friends who are a little nervous about the sharp runup in prices…and very nervous about the prospect of a selloff. Most of us remember how ugly things got during the Great Financial Crisis: the sharp rise and the much sharper plunge when the bubble burst.  According to … continue reading →