Inflation Tops Estimates…Again

Let’s talk about inflation. At 0.4%, both headline and core handily beat consensus of 0.3% and 0.2%. Why? This morning’s CPI release is a treasure trove of information regarding price action in the general economy.  On an annual basis, energy tanked and food soared. MoM, food was still strong while energy and used cars soared … continue reading →

Core PPI Tops Estimates

Maybe the Fed had it right, leaving the door open to higher inflation. Though August headline PPI came in slightly higher than expected at 0.3% vs 0.2%, core PPI rose 0.4% versus 0.2% expected. S&P futures sold off 8 points on the news, but the algos had other ideas. As is often the case, “someone” … continue reading →

Having Fun Yet?

Stocks nailed our second downside target from last Friday [see: Correction Warning.] Judging from the financial press, it was a shock to the average investor.  It’s sad that a 4.5% correction would warrant such concern. But, as I often say, that’s the world in which we’re living. Bulls need February’s highs to hold, while bears … continue reading →

Dire Straits

After a couple of days of VIX rising while stocks spiked higher, it only makes sense that VIX is falling while stocks are tumbling. This is the bizzaro world in which we’re living. Unless it bounces sharply on our channel bottom target today, add CL to the list of algo drivers which have experienced a … continue reading →

DXY Breaks Trend

VIX’s 10/20 cross held yesterday, meaning we almost got a lower low on the day. The overnight ramp job was good for 32 points before DXY started attracting attention. It has dropped below the falling trend line it was patiently following, meaning our forecasts in the currency space are accelerating – especially EURUSD and silver. … continue reading →

Correction Warning

One of my favorite simple indicators of momentum shifts is the 10/20 cross. If the 10-day moving average moves above the 20-day, it indicates a bullish shift in momentum.  If it moves below, it indicates a bearish shift. The last time VIX experience a bullish cross was on Jun 12, whereupon ES completed a 300-pt … continue reading →