XLF: Playing Catch Up

On April 2, 2012, SPX completed a Butterfly Pattern at 1421 — the 1.272 extension of the July – October 2011 plunge.  It provided a great entry point for the fledgling pebblewriter.com’s first major short position.

We scored over 20% in about 2 months [see: All the Pretty Butterflies] trading the 11% decline.

XLF hadn’t done as well up to that point.   It had only retraced a Fibonacci 78.6% of its 2011 decline from 17.2 to 10.95.  So, no surprise that it sank by a whopping 18%.

In response to a consulting client who was bottom-fishing for financials, I discovered they were probably bottoming in early June.  I posted my results in the appropriately titled:  So Crazy It Just Might Work.  If anything, my estimates were conservative.  XLF has soared 41% since that low (turns out it was the day before.)

And, wouldn’t you know it, XLF has gone and formed its own Butterfly Pattern — just like SPX did in Apr 2012.

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