Update on Oil & Gas: Nov 29, 2021

Almost a year ago we noted that the rapidly rising price of oil and gas would contribute to alarming CPI prints [see: Don’t Ignore Inflation.] Punch line? Oil and gas will have to fall significantly by April or we’re looking at a 20%+ YoY increase in gas prices – which has historically produced 2.4-2.7% annual … continue reading →

The Japanification of the US Markets

If you blinked, you might have missed the S&P 500’s 1.1% plunge last Wednesday… …following the highest CPI print since 1990.The print was followed two days later by the lowest consumer sentiment reading in 10 years, a result driven primarily by…wait for it…inflation fears.  Stocks actually rose on the day.Until a few months ago, the … continue reading →

DXY: Finally Breaking Out?

Stocks tumbled yesterday on inflation numbers that call into question the pace of the Fed’s taper and rate increases. Then they rallied overnight on an 11.4% collapse in VIX. The most significant chart on my screens at the moment, though, is the US dollar. DXY has had great difficulty breaking out of a tightly controlled … continue reading →

CPI: Out of Control

CPI soared to 6.24% YoY in October, well above the 5.9% expected and the highest since Nov 1990. The MoM print of 0.9% and the Core CPI print of 4.2% also came in hotter than expected and set multiyear records. Put simply, the Fed has lost control.As we’ve discussed, inflation continues to become more broad-based … continue reading →

Charts I’m Watching: Nov 5, 2021

The 531K payrolls beat and Pfizer COVID-19 pill could influence the taper schedule. The 4.9% increase in wages should. Energy and food prices might well fall over the coming months. But, wages are sticky. Whether due to contracts, minimum wage rules, or just market forces, they are very difficult to reduce. While it’s true that … continue reading →

The Countdown

It’s easy enough to engineer a meltup in advance of a Fed meeting. We’ve seen it countless times. But, what about after a meeting, particularly one where an actual taper or rate hike is announced? The countdown has begun. Stay tuned. continued for members… … continue reading →

The Big Picture: Oct 27, 2021

Equity markets rarely fail to rally into the end of the year.  But, there have been several noteworthy Q4 exceptions over the years, each of them marked by VIX’s bounce off well-established trend lines. Note that SPX’s yellow channel has been rising at a compouned 12.2% per year since the 2009 bottom – historically a … continue reading →