Without a Net

The toughest moments for those of us who chart publicly are those right after calling a significant top or bottom.  There are some instances when pretty much everyone and their mother can see a turn coming.  Other times, it feels like you’re sailing through the air, frantically searching for the catcher and hoping he hasn’t … continue reading →

EURUSD Update: Nov 20, 2012

Good morning, all.  The markets should get no help from across the pond today.  Though Moodys’ downgrade of France was not exactly news, it should serve to remind investors of the structural issues facing the euro-mess. The EURUSD completed a well-formed Gartley Pattern early this morning, reacting off the .786 of the latest move down.  … continue reading →

Here Comes the Boom

ORIGINAL POST:  4:10 AM I posted this chart early Friday morning, knowing full well that in order for EURUSD to follow our forecast… equities might not. Thanks to the miracle of after-hours trading, the EURUSD has kindly tagged our target “c?” and has rebounded — all without a nasty hit to equities prices which look … continue reading →

Charts I’m Watching: Sep 25, 2012

ORIGINAL POST:  9:00 AM EURUSD running out of steam… Would love to short around 1.2971. DX finding support for continued push higher…stands a very good chance of breaking out of the channel today or tomorrow…  I’m an aggressive buyer at 79.33. e-minis hitting resistance… Fading this rally unless we break out of the triangle… currently … continue reading →

What a Wonderful World

ORIGINAL POST:  4:15 AM Whether driven by fundamental constitutional considerations or a keen awareness of the implications for their pensions, the German Constitutional Court granted the German government conditional approval to throw good money after bad.  How conditional? Germany’s ESM share will initially be capped at EUR 190 billion.  As Germany is the only ESM … continue reading →