Today we get the benefit of both Jerome Powell and Janet Yellen telling us that, despite how incredible the outlook is, things are so horrible that they need to keep pumping billions of dollars into the markets every day.  For the little people. You know – unemployed folks who can really benefit from rapidly rising … continue reading →

Push Comes to Shove

Today should be all about whether the FOMC can stick to its oft-repeated stance that they’re not worried about inflation and interest rates. They way things look this morning, the market isn’t buying it. And, there’s no reason it should. With yields continuing to push through resistance, the writing is on the wall.Rising rates might … continue reading →

No Regrets

In the words of the immortal Edith Piaf: “I do not regret anything. No, nothing at all.” SPX popped up over the potential resistance of its 3.618 Fibonacci extension in the final minutes of (algo) trading yesterday……almost entirely on the ongoing beatdown in VIX. And, since the Fed kicks off its 2-day meeting today as … continue reading →

Catapulting the Propoganda

When it comes to algorithms, two favorite quotes from two famous Georges come to mind: When Spanish philosopher Santayana wrote those words in 1905, he probably wasn’t thinking about algorithmic trading. Nevertheless, he captured the essence of what accounts for over 90% of trading volume today: (1) what has produced a particular result in the … continue reading →