Decision Time

FLASH SALE EXTENDED: Now through May 4, we are offering auto-renew monthly memberships at half-off the normal price for the first month (not a free trial, but pretty darned close.) For details and to sign up now, CLICK HERE.  *  *  * Will the 11th time be the charm?  SPX and DJIA should test their … continue reading →

May 2nd – 2018 Style

While we wait to see if the COMP scenario plays out, we have a new wrinkle to consider. AAPL reported decent enough numbers, but added $100 billion to its already ballooning stock buyback plan. If this sounds familiar, it’s because stock buybacks have become the new go-to method of propping up faltering tech stocks enhancing … continue reading →

How Exposed is AAPL?

The longstanding rumor is that earnings will disappoint.  The more recent rumor — which has kept the stock on the rise all day and into the after-hours — is that the company will greatly increase the share repurchase plan and dividends. I have no special insight or inside knowledge about its earnings, unit sales, or … continue reading →