Silver ready to shine?

I suspect this morning’s bounce is all about (1) jumping on stocks’ coattails, and (2) this support line: What hasn’t changed is: (1) there’s another margin hike coming Monday, (2) plenty of folks are still figuring out how to meet yesterday’s margin calls, and (3) JPM probably hasn’t zeroed out their short position yet, and … continue reading →

They bought it!

As I suspected, incredibly impressive employment numbers reported this morning! We can all go back to buying stocks, knowing that the economy is back on track….except for the 22% of Americans who are unemployed or underemployed (the way the BLS reported statistics up until 1994 when we decided that those unemployed longer than a year … continue reading →

Short the Banks

The Deutsche Bank suit could have a huge impact on the financials — a new front in the mortgage wars. Deutsche surely isn’t the only bank guilty of “reckless lending” and hoisting bad loans on the government. I’m looking to play the downside on BAC, C and WFC, especially after this morning’s run up. … continue reading →

Decision Time for Market

Yesterday’s OBL rally was impressively thwarted, leaving us with a bearish candle and a possible top — albeit several points short of the overhead resistance mentioned in the last post.  As expected, we broke down from the smaller of our two rising wedges.  The larger wedge remains. One more push higher would make for a … continue reading →