Here We Go Again

The August 2018 new all-time highs lasted five weeks and, when they failed, yielded a 600-pt plunge.  The May 2019 new all-time highs lasted about 6 hours and yielded a 225-pt plunge when they failed.  The June 2019 new, all-time highs lasted 3 days and yielded a 51-pt decline before staging a recovery that will (coincidentally, I’m sure) see new highs posted on this morning’s open.

Perhaps the trade war really will be resolved this time. And, maybe OPEC really will ink a new trade output deal. Heck, the Fed might even cut rates even though markets are at all-time highs.

All I know is that while chasing new highs on the back of VIX “breakdowns” and oil “rallies” has worked out fine for buy-and-hold types (who have no fear of the music stopping), it has been a losing proposition for traders.

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