Watch for the Rebound

NOTE: The following post has been updated with a new and expanded table of data.  Please see the 6/8/11 update for additional details and analysis. First, the ointment… As discussed many times already, we took out the important 1294 level on SPX — establishing a significant new lower low at 1284.72.  Significant damage has been … continue reading →

Here We Go

With this morning’s announcement acknowledgment of a dismal jobs picture, the market has cracked badly.  Even the cheerleaders will now publicly admit that the economy is mired in a double dip.  But, the realists will point to a more ominous outcome. To figure out what lies ahead, I spent some time looking back.  When the … continue reading →

I’d Rather be Lucky…

Yeah, it’s appropriate here. At 11:00 am yesterday [Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda], in a shameless attempt to save face after my first gutless post of the day, I stated: We’re taking a breather, as expected.  Interesting that the pullback occurred right at a trendline (the dashed line below) drawn off the 3/16 and 4/18 lows.  We … continue reading →

Stay Groovy

“It was an expression used by small recon units and sniper teams in hostile terrain in Vietnam. They would tell one another to stay groovy when the danger level was so insanely high they popped amphetamines to stay awake and ready to rock twenty-four/ seven, because anything less would get them all killed. Stay groovy; … continue reading →

3 Peaks & Domed House

Are we going from point 26 at 1311 to point 27 at 1358, before heading down to 28.  27 should be near top of 15, right edge of 1sst story roof.  28 bottoms near point 10.  27-28 decline should be equiv to 14-15.  rise from 20-21 balances 25-26 decline. see Carl Futia’s blog: … continue reading →