Lucky #37 wrapped the 2nd quarter at the top of its class.  Investors who simply bought SPX at called bottoms and sold at called tops would have earned over 37% (about 42% since inception as of July 13.)  For details, click here.

The first 100 annual members got their membership rate grandfathered for the life of the site.   It was a pretty decent deal (unless I’m hit by a bus tomorrow, in which case we’re both screwed.)

So, I wanted to come up with something just as cool to celebrate our über-successful first quarter.   Annual membership rates are going up by $100 on July 28.  But, the next 37 new annual members who sign up by midnight July 27 will save 37% off the new rate.

That’s an $800 membership for only $500 — about what you’d pay in 12b-1 fees on a $10,000 mutual fund, or to pick up one Krispy Kreme on your way to work every morning, or for four tanks of gas for your Escalade.

Seriously, wouldn’t you rather spend money on improving your investment IQ than on highly-processed, decomposed organic material that’s millions of years old  — or gas for the Escalade, for that matter.

Just enter the discount code SAVE37 when you sign up.  Thanks muchly.

sign me up!

p.s.  if you’re currently a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual member, we’ll just tack it on your existing membership.   If you’re already an annual member, pass this along to a friend and get three free months when they become an annual member, too.

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