Isn’t it Odd…?

Does anyone else find it odd that the Nasdaq suddenly went dark just 10 minutes after AAPL completed a H&S Pattern targeting a 30-pt drop… …the day after reaching our target from July 31? If I didn’t know any better, I’d think TPTB found a new way to ensure the markets remain “bullish.” Maybe these … continue reading →

The World’s End?

As humankind’s only hope for survival gather in Jackson Hole this week, we’re left to wonder whether faltering currencies, teetering emerging markets and soaring interest rates mark the beginning of the end. We’ve examined the downside case in detail.  Yesterday, we took a good hard look at the upside case — hoping that the FOMC’s … continue reading →

Minute Men

Investors are on edge, waiting for insight from the Fed’s July meeting regarding the upcoming taper. The dollar has seemingly bottomed… A close-up: And, the USDJPY has broken out of its falling purple channel and should retest the white channel this morning. I’m looking for yesterday’s target to be hit prior to a reversal.  Shorting … continue reading →