You Break It…You Buy It

Suppose a neighborhood kid was seen deliberately throwing a brick through an expensive plate glass window in your home. Following a serious discussion with and full reimbursement from the kid’s parents, things might eventually get back to normal. If the parents are thinking straight, the little runt might even be responsible for working off the expense of the repair. But, you probably wouldn’t go around singing the kid’s praises.

So it is with Trump’s trade war with China — except the window is still broken, the kid who broke it is blaming the brick for the damage, he’ll never have to pay for it, he’s going around bragging about how great it’s going to look when it is repaired, and the whole neighborhood is throwing him a big party because he promised not to throw any more bricks — at least for the next few months.

Futures were up as much as 55 points earlier, and are still up 42 points (1.52%.)More importantly, important resistance will be broken on this morning’s gap higher. Is it time to celebrate?

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