Eye Candy for Bears

A smattering of my favorite bearish charts.  Enjoy!

We start with the well-formed megaphone pattern on DJIA…2014-03-14-DJIA megaphone …and, its doppelganger on the S&P 500 from the 70’s.2014-03-14-SPX megaphone 65-74

SPX (the thin purple line) raced ahead of DJIA at the top in 2000…

2014-03-14-DJI v SPX Mar 2000

…and, again over the past few months.

2014-03-14-DJI v SPX Mar 2014

The USDJPY recently reached the channel top that spelled stock declines of 22%, 35% and 57%.  Again, the S&P500 is shown as the thin, purple line.

2014-03-10-USDJPY v SPX 2008-2013

The two prior tags on the EURUSD’s channel from 2008-2014 signaled declines of 47% and 21%.  We just tagged it a third time.

2014-03-18-EURUSD v SPX 2007-14And, three previous tags on the 10-YR bond’s major trend line since 2007 have touched off plunges of 52%, 15% and 20%.  The minor TL between Feb 2011 and Sep 2012 signaled two additional corrections of 9.9% and 8.9%.2014-03-14-TNX v SPX Mar 2014

The latest breadth thrust pattern on the monthly SPX chart shows a startling resemblance to those from the 2000 and 2007 tops.

2014-03-07-SPX BT monthlyAnd, last, my favorite bearish chart.  What would happen if 1973 were to replay?  Hint, the white dot is only half the damage.2014-02-14-DJI big pic 1152Safe trading!

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