Coming to Visit You!

As mentioned last week, I will be out most of this week and next, visiting members across the country.  We’ll talk about the markets and how to make sense of all the scribbles on our charts. I’ll also answer any questions you have about our Fund scheduled to launch Oct 1.

BTW, I sent a separate email update a short while ago to all those who have expressed an interest in the Fund and completed the accreditation questionnaire.  If you didn’t receive it, please add your name to the list HERE.  If you’ve already filled out an accreditation questionnaire and added your name to the distribution list but didn’t receive this email, please CONTACT ME.

Please feel free to forward this post and/or bring friends to these get-togethers — just give me a head count when you RSVP so we don’t have any issues with venues which will, for the most part, be centrally-located hotels or restaurants (recommendations gladly accepted.)  Details for this week’s venues will be posted late tonight.

PLEASE RSVP by Monday evening and let me know which meeting you’re able to attend.  In some cities, there are quite a few of you.  In others, only one or two.  Please don’t assume someone else will RSVP.  If I don’t hear from someone in your town, I might cancel that visit in favor of a town where folks have expressed interest.

If I have inadvertently left your personal neck of the woods off the schedule, it’s either an oversight or I have no idea where you live.   Please CONTACT ME ASAP and I’ll make every effort to squeeze it in.  I have some wiggle room here and there, but it’s first come, first served. And, there’s always next time.

Here’s the tentative schedule.  I look forward to meeting you!

SEP 16-20

Monday-Tuesday morning: LA

Tuesday afternoon: Orange County

Wednesday am: Dallas

Wednesday pm:  Houston

Thursday am: Atlanta/Nashville

Friday:  Miami

SEP 23-27

Sunday-Monday: Philadelphia/D.C.

Monday am – Tuesday: New York

Wednesday: Boston

Thursday: Chicago

Friday:  Minneapolis and/or Indianapolis?

Saturday: Denver/San Francisco


*  *  *  *  *

I’ll do a market wrap-up at the end of each day or the following morning as travel permits. But, intra-day posts will be few and far between.  For those of you who could care less about meeting and are peeved that I’m not working the markets these next two weeks, please feel free to contact me and request that an extra 2 weeks be tagged on to your membership.  I promise I won’t take it personally!


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