Charts I’m Watching: October 19, 2011

UPDATE:  2:40 PM

And, right on cue, the fan line that messed with a perfectly good plunge so many times already.   It’s the red dashed line on the daily chart below, seen here in close up.   I think its minutes are numbered.


The dollar looks like it’s finally ready to break out (barring another Guardian news flash.)

More later.


Charts I’m Watching: October 19, 2011 — 3 Comments

  1. Enjoy your charts/commentary. I have had some success with fib arcs and I thought I would lend support to your top call. The 2.618 is typically the top of wave 2's (blue) and C's of expanded flats (green). On a similar plot NDX reached the blue 4.23 which is death for 2's.