So Far… So Far

It puzzles me how, when the market does exactly what it’s expected to do, some folks take it as a sign that everything’s somehow changed. Late Tuesday night [Ten Lousy Points] I blogged for the 1,000th time about the similarities between this market and that of 2007.  I pointed specifically to December 21, 2007 as … continue reading →

Anatomy of a Short

ORIGINAL POST:  10:50 AM PDT Just a little experiment here, to demonstrate how technical trading works.  Bank of America, hailed as a screaming buy after losing only $8.8 billion in the latest quarter, is currently trading at about 10.24. It seems pretty well stuck in a descending channel that’s had BAC circling the drain since … continue reading →

Ten Lousy Points

Anyone who’s read this blog over the past couple of months knows I’m confident we’re following in the footsteps of the 2007 top (and most of the other significant tops since the 1930s.)  If you’re new here, take 30 minutes and read through the posts listed here. Lots of euphoria in the markets today.  Great … continue reading →