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Following our recent results, several members (as well as a few lurkers) have inquired about another annual membership promotion.  We got a great response to the last one, so we’ll give it another go. 

From August 25-29, we’re offering Charter Annual Memberships at $950.  It works out to about $2.60/day, less than most of us spend on a cup of coffee.

It’s $550 off a regular annual subscription, and a whopping $1,150 off a monthly subscription at the current rate of $175/month (slated to increase to $200/month at the end of the year.)

Best of all, your rate will never increase for the life of the site for as long as you remain a member.  As one of our long-time members who recently renewed at $600 would tell you, this aspect alone makes this a great offer. 

Note:  If you’re already a monthly/quarterly/semi-annual member, we’ll add your new year to your existing membership.  Your annual price will still be locked for life.

We are also increasing referral incentives during this promotion.  Send a friend our way, and we’ll credit you $250 when they subscribe to an annual membership

If you’re a new member, ask a friend to join too and split the savings.  There’s no limit, so if you have at least a few friends you could end up with a free membership.

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If there were any doubts about the relationship between the USDJPY and SPX, yesterday’s price action should have laid them to rest.  2015-08-25 USDJPY v SPX wkly 0600As we’ve maintained for the past couple of years, the yen carry trade is the single most powerful influence on stocks’ unending rally and has been since October 2011.

Knock the ever-depreciating yen out of the equation, and — as we saw yesterday — the “markets” start behaving like real markets. They actually begin to reflect the deteriorating fundamentals underpinning over-inflated prices.

We could leave it at that.  But, it’s important to note that yesterday’s mini-flash crash was no less scripted than the past five years’ rally.  The opening plunge took SPX slightly past our initial downside target of 1887.87, and landed NKD and USD JPY just shy of our targets for them.2015-08-24 SPX daily 0631continued for members


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