VIX Sliding Away

Seemingly on a rail, VIX’s bump took it only to the top of the falling red channel in place for over a month. A failure to break out means ES can top its 361.8 Fib extension and reach its IH&S targets. continued for members… … continue reading →

FOMC Day: Nov 2, 2022

The market is essentially unchanged from yesterday, with VIX in a position to make or break this rally unless the FOMC delivers a significant surprise. We’ve seen this movie before: a sharp rally into a Fed meeting or CPI report that wipes out the put buyers and positions the market for a drop from a … continue reading →

Q3 GDP Beats Estimates

Q3 GDP came in at 2.6%, beating the 2.3% consensus and of course Q2’s -0.6%. While good news for the economy, it does little to advance the narrative that the Fed might be ready to pare future rate hikes. Nevertheless, VIX fell… …so futures rose slightly on the news.continued for members… … continue reading →