Staying Alive

travoltaSPX continues to sell off, if tentatively, since we called for a reversal after Monday’s Bat Pattern completion.

But, it hasn’t yet left the comfort of the rising gray channel and is back above the purple channel midline.   For now, the all-is-well meme is staying alive.

2015-06-24-SPX 60 4amAlong the way, VIX revisited the yellow channel bottom…2015-06-24-VIX daily 0345…while USDJPY bounced where it needed to…2015-06-24-USDJPY daily 0400…and, CL kept its rising channel alive.  2015-06-24-CL daily 0400With Greece acting as the canary in the global financial markets coal mine, can we really tell what’s coming next?  There are a few clues.

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