October 3, 2011: Path to 350

THE PATH TO 350: Day 4.  So far, so good.

Still looking for a descent to 1040 by next Friday the 14th.  Although, at this rate, we might well arrive before schedule.

More later.


October 3, 2011: Path to 350 — 6 Comments

  1. Tim: pretty creepy, for sure. At some point, this analogy will break down; but, my hunch is we're still in the equivalent of March 08 and could take the rest of the year climbing back to 1200. Looking at 2008, we spent a long time lingering in that 1200-1400 range.

  2. AR: congrats on the great article! Quality always finds a way to rise to the top. Sorry I'm just now getting to these comments. It's been a crazy week as we're working to close a deal with a big distributor and are going out to investors in the next couple of weeks.

  3. ckorey: thanks. I go back and forth on how much detail to include in the forecast. I put up a new post this morning that includes subminuette, but as everyone here knows, I'm no EW expert. Just trying to make sense of the past few days, and troubled by the triangle count over at Dan's place that would imply the downside is over. A run up to 1135 would trap a lot of bulls.

  4. Interesting article Albertarocks!

    On CNBC they compared some numbers from October 2008:

    10/03/08 SPX 1099.23 VIX = 45.15
    10/03/11 SPX 1099.23 VIX = 45.33

    10/10/08 SPX 899.23 VIX = 69.95

    Maybe it's time to look at a different fan line? LOL! Ouch.

  5. Yup, I agree with ckorey. Nice to see you're still able to put up a post Pebble. FWIW, I see one triangle on the Russell (formed by past action) that comes to an apex on Oct. 11th. I've got a hunch this one might be prescient. Perhaps a bottom? We'll see. It's just of passing interest, I'm certainly not making any decisions based on it.

    BTW bud, a big surprise in my life recently. I published an article on GEI and the next day I get a message from J. Lounsbury that there was interest in having it appear on Money Morning as an "article of the week". That was one hell of a surprise, let me tell ya. And lo and behold, the next day… there it is.

    JL told me that Money Morning has a mailing list of 700,000 people who were going to be hit with a link to that article. Pretty scary stuff to be honest, lol. Hopefully nobody will read it. Oh well, I can always escape to the mountains if I have to 🙂

    Hope you're doing well Pebble. Don't stray too far away, ok?

  6. I am looking at Monday the 17th but I don't think we get there in a straight line and that's "if" we get there.
    I think we get a big bounce starting tomorrow or wed.

    I must say again how much I value and enjoy your work.