Charts I’m Watching: Sep 18, 2014

Well, we got both our upside and downside targets — all in quick succession.and downside targets — all in quick succession.

2014-09-18-SPX 15 0600

But, what’s really caught my eye is the Nikkei — which reached a large scale .886 — and the USDJPY — which reached the large scale 1.618.  Neither has backed off appreciably, but they should.  If it happens during the trading session, it will be tough for SPX to maintain upward momentum.

2014-09-17-NKD daily 0600

USDJPY has officially left the reservation.  Not a lot of overhead resistance until the yellow channel top at 110ish.  After that, lots of blue sky.

2014-09-18-USDJPY daily 0630

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