Charts I’m Watching: Jun 10, 2014

Another VIX beat-down in the final seconds of trading yesterday, interestingly right to a .786 retrace.

2014-06-09-VIX 1 0500

USDJPY corrected overnight, testing the SMA100 yet again.

2014-06-09-USDJPY daily 0600

And the little channel on NKD broke down, yielding a whopping 4-point decline in ES.  The red channel is a regression channel.  If it doesn’t hold, the .618 is just below at 14836.

2014-06-09-NKD 15 0600

ES is bumping along a gently sloping TL/neckline.  The SMA10 is down around 1931, but that would mean a departure from the acceleration channel and actual downside. It is back below the white 1.618, but lately these declines have a shelf life of around 15 minutes.  We’ll see…

2014-06-09-ES 15 0620

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