Charts I’m Watching: Aug 14, 2014

Lots of overhead resistance for SPX today: SMA20 at 1952, SMA50 at 1956, .618 retrace of the drop from 1991-1904 at 1958.  But, it does have that IH&S going for it.

2014-08-14-SPX 5 0639

And, there’s something else that no one seems to be talking about — maybe, for fear of jinxing it?  If breadth can get up to the .615 mark by next Tuesday, we’ll have a Zweig Breadth Thrust on our hands.

2014-08-14-SPX BT 0639

It goes without saying that head & shoulders patterns have been miserably unreliable for the past 8-10 months.  Normally 70-80% effective, I’d rate them at about 10% lately (on par with other chart patterns, harmonics and, yes, even moving averages.)  But, bullish IH&S have certainly been more effective — especially with all the tools at TPTB disposal to nudge the markets higher and trample bears.  So, this bears watching.

Last, I had a very interesting conversation with a high-powered institutional broker yesterday.  He works with many major hedge funds.  Top takeaway: performance is tough across the board for active traders, lots of losses and lots of redemptions.  I don’t need to explain to our readership that a market which is dominated by algorithms and government intervention is no longer a market.  I suppose there is some comfort in knowing I’m not the only one incredibly frustrated by the direction things have taken.



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  1. SPX also has OXAB of a bullish shark pattern in place using 1904.78 as O and 1955 as B which would take us all the way back down to 1900, let’s see if TPTB let it happen, or not…