Charts I’m Watching: Apr 15, 2014

Still on the road, should be back late Wednesday.  Lots of squirrely moves in the markets lately, with yesterday’s ridiculous mid-day spike likely algo’s running amok.  But, these are the key charts to watch.

SPX’s H&S Pattern is still in play — backtest either done or nearly done.  The wave down from 1872 is slightly shorter than the first from 1897…

2014-04-14-SPX 60-min 0500…but was slightly longer in ES.  Its 4th wave declined to overlap its 1st wave down early this morning.

2014-04-14-ES 60 0628

USDJPY has held the red channel bottom so far, and is making noises about an IH&S.  But, it will continue to be constrained by Japanese equities.

2014-04-14-USDJPY 60 0611And, the 10-year is still back-testing the broken red channel midline.

2014-04-14-TNX daily 0600Even with all the noise, our targets are still intact.  GLTA.

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