Fantastic Fans

Just a quick check on how the fan lines from the Oct 07 top and Mar 09 bottom have done so far.  First, the big picture… And, a close up of how well they’ve done lately in guiding price moves… Their performance has been nothing short of stunning.  The Mar 09 fan lines (numbered) did … continue reading →

A Turning Point?

LAST NOTE (MAYBE): Couldn’t help noticing all the registration notices floating past on TOS Live News just now.  For some reason, insiders don’t seem all that bullish on their own stocks… Lots of talk about the McClellan Oscillator (MCO) today.  For anyone interested, here are the relevant points: Note that we’re in good shape in … continue reading →

Intra-day: August 16, 2011

 UPDATE:  3:30 PM SPX trying to come back, but completing another bearish Gartley pattern intra-day.  Should reverse by 1198.   UPDATE:  11:50 AM SPX completing a little Gartley, in the process of backtesting the rising wedge.  Next move should be down. UPDATE:  11:15 AM SPX, gold, DX all seem to be completing small degree corrective … continue reading →